portraitBorn in the Northwest Territories, Pankratz grew up in the boreal constantly making “something” out of “nothing”. Playing kick the can under the northern lights, building snow forts, and digging fossils out of the bank of the Salt River helped her to hone her intuitive gift of understanding colour, and appreciating the material and immaterial.

Moving to Edmonton at the age of 10 she had to opportunity to live her dream and train as a ballet dancer. Attending the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School after graduating from high school she found it wasn’t actually her dream and left for art school.

She attended Alberta College of Art and Design from 1995-1996 in the sculpture department until giving birth to her first son.

In 1998 she began to fulfill her need to make art and started exploring mosaics again; having been exposed to them in a high school art program. After spending 10 years developing her mosaic skills and helping others to gain experience in the medium, she decided to become fully professional in 2011.

Her most recent public artwork “Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still” (2011) celebrates the effect of colour and the seasons, in particular the ever-present landscape of the North Saskatchewan River, which both bisects and connects the city of Edmonton.

Penance is the winner of the prestigious Innovation in Mosaics Award for the juried group exhibition Mosaic Arts International 2013. This award was granted on the basis that Pankratz’s work is blurring the line between the traditional elements that make up a mosaic: tesserae, substrate, and adhesive.

Defrag (Undone) won the Innovation in Mosaics Award for the juried group exhibition Mosaic Arts International 2016. This is the second time winning this award.

Erin admits she has always been a highly visual individual, and sees mosaic as her current medium of expression. She considers art a practice that intersects every aspect of our existence, as a way of articulating the human experience. Therefore, she expects that her art will continuously evolve, in both composition and subject.


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